Before training as a coach and a speaker, I spent a decade working in investment management, managing a communications team in a deadline driven and pressured environment. I then started my own business at the same time as becoming a single parent.

My personal experience of the pressures of corporate and entrepreneurial life means I’m very well placed to understand the challenges that can arise for those in the corporate world. I also have a deep understanding of what it is like to be an ambitious woman in industries that are more male dominated, and the challenges that this can bring for professional women.

My style is engaging, personal and authentic. I weave powerful stories with processes and tools, and, where appropriate, interactive, impactful exercises, to make desired learnings directly applicable to the audience, as well as easily and immediately actionable.

Topics that I speak on regularly in the corporate sector include:

Confidence and self-esteem, including body confidence and speaking up with confidence


  • Body language
  • Mindset tools
  • Negotiating structures
  • Saying no
  • Boundary setting


This area works especially well for female professionals who would love to convey greater confidence in the workplace; female-only audiences can find it easier to open up, voice their current challenges and take on board the learnings. However, the tools and shared are just as relevant and impactful for a mixed audience.

Total emotional and physical wellbeing, including stress and emotional management, avoiding overwhelm and burnout, energy and life balance


  • How to deal with emotions and stress including an effective framework for flashpoint situations
  • Tools for avoiding and dealing with overwhelm
  • Asking for support
  • Work-life balance
  • How to have more energy (including detailed dietary and sleep information)


These topics fit well into mental health and general wellbeing initiatives, during mental health week and at other times. Additionally, they can be very helpful ahead of busy, deadline driven times of the year when stress levels rise and staff are at risk of overwhelm.

Talks and workshops can be tailor-made according to the topics that would best serve your organisation.


I offer one-on-one and group executive coaching programs that can be delivered during working hours, in house, as part of employees’ CPD.




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I’m a highly sought-after speaker in the personal development, corporate and educational worlds. Speaking gives me the chance to inspire and empower large groups of people at once, passing on my wisdom, experience, tools and processes. My style on stage is to use a mixture of delivering great content, story-telling and audience engagement through impactful exercises to brilliant effect.



May 25th 2019

Body Love Masterclass, Mind Body Spirit Festival, London
Tickets TBC


18th May 2019

Goodbye Not Enough, London



May 2nd 2019

Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass for Funzing, London.


March 2019

YES Group London.


February 19th 2019

Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass for Funzing, London