inspiring teenagers

I’m a firm believer that prevention is better than cure. I love empowering women to change, to unpick destructive coping habits and form new, loving ways of treating themselves and progressing in their lives. However, the opportunity to speak to teenagers, especially girls, and to pass on the life lessons I have learnt through my own journey, means that they might chose a different path for themselves from the outset.


Instead of being negatively influenced by external pressures such as their peers and the media, slipping into ways that are self-destructive and learning through costly mistakes, after hearing my talk girls become inspired to choose a path that is full of honouring themselves, standing up for themselves against a range of outside pressures, resilience in the face of setbacks, and courage to raise their aspirations.

My talks to teenagers are best suited to ages 14-18, and fit extremely well into school PSHE framework, as well as into a lunchtime or after school lecture slot.


The feedback received so far is that my story impacts, inspired and empowers girls enormously. My talks combine my usual engaging style that weaves powerful stories with calls to action that make the learnings directly applicable and implementable.




hear me speak

I’m a highly sought-after speaker in the personal development, corporate and educational worlds. Speaking gives me the chance to inspire and empower large groups of people at once, passing on my wisdom, experience, tools and processes. My style on stage is to use a mixture of delivering great content, story-telling and audience engagement through impactful exercises to brilliant effect.



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