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I adore inspiring and empowering others to transform their lives.


Having been through multiple transformations – leaving a decade long city career for motherhood and entrepreneurship, being over 14 years in recovery from addictions, leaving an unhappy marriage and going on to flourish, curing my body of eczema and allergies using diet alone, and more recently adjusting to life with major injuries from a car accident in 2016 – I’m ideally placed to understand the kind of support, commitment, guidance and tools it takes to create and anchor major life changes.

My willingness to share vulnerable, challenging moments and learnings from my own life means my ability to connect quickly with an audience is second to none. My style is engaging, personal and authentic. I weave powerful stories with processes, tools, and, where appropriate, interactive, impactful exercises, to make lessons directly applicable to an audience, and easily and immediately actionable. Audiences come away with a deep understand of the tools that have been shared, and are able to put them into practice in their lives right away.


My aim is to show my audience how to become in total partnership with themselves in every area of life. Self-doubt, overwhelm and destructive habits become a thing of the past, replaced with high levels of confidence, self-esteem, emotional and physical health, happiness, life balance and success.


Topics that I speak on regularly in the personal development sector include:


  • Confidence and self-esteem, including body confidence and speaking up with confidence
  • Total emotional and physical wellbeing, including stress and emotional management, avoiding overwhelm and burnout, energy and life balance, and radical self-care
  • How to feel truly fabulous about yourself…

I have extensive experience of speaking in the personal development sector in London. I speak regularly at Interesting Talks London, the world’s largest personal development meet-up, and am one of their most highly rated speakers with talks that sell out every time. I also speak regularly for Funzing. I’ve spoken at The Confidence Lounge, Speak Up Like a Diva, DI Events at Home House, The Unconventional Convention, Vision Collective, Killing Kittens Bookklub, Skirt Club’s Sapience nights and LOVEx, and have been a guest judge at Pony Express Speakers Club. I was a headline speaker at the Shape Your Destiny London launch in May 2017.


I have also been invited to speak on podcasts and radio shows including Hayley Quinn’s podcasts, a UK Health Radio interview with Nosh Detox CEO Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Veena Vee’s Millionaire Mum podcast, MaryAnne Shiozowa’s podcast and Darren Dank’s The Coaching Geek show.




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I’m a highly sought-after speaker in the personal development, corporate and educational worlds. Speaking gives me the chance to inspire and empower large groups of people at once, passing on my wisdom, experience, tools and processes. My style on stage is to use a mixture of delivering great content, story-telling and audience engagement through impactful exercises to brilliant effect.




May 25th 2019

Body Love Masterclass, Mind Body Spirit Festival, London
Tickets TBC


18th May 2019

Goodbye Not Enough, London



May 2nd 2019

Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass for Funzing, London.


March 2019

YES Group London.


February 19th 2019

Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass for Funzing, London