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I first heard Harriet speaking at a LOVEx Talk on happiness, and really resonated with what she said about the importance of being ‘in total partnership’ with ourselves. She immediately impressed me as a warm, open, grounded, experienced, caring and insightful woman with a great sense of humour.

On reflection now, I realise that what had initially inspired me about her talk is, in actual fact, exactly what I have gained from our work together. There were certain key areas of my life where I was feeling really stuck and – despite having a lot of knowledge, understanding and awareness – I was struggling to make any solid sustainable progress. Far from being ‘in partnership’ with myself, I had got to a point of really not trusting myself anymore and was tired of trying and failing.

The regular sessions with Harriet, together with the text/email contact we had in between, gave me the support and accountability that I needed. Her fresh perspectives, feedback, questions and suggestions really helped me clarify and harness my own resources. I particularly appreciated how she helped me make connections between the different areas I was working on while also holding a vision of the bigger picture.

My stuck areas are now shifting and progressing nicely! In a nutshell I am now finally cracking on with the very things I’ve been wanting to change for years – with much greater commitment and confidence in myself. It was clearly the right time for me to do this and Harriet was definitely the right person! Thank you!


proofreader and voice therapist

business executive

I must admit that even though I was very excited about starting my three-month programme with Harriet, part of me did wonder how much could actually be achieved in such a short amount of time. I am very happy to report that my mind was completely and utterly changed! One of my main objectives at the start of the programme was to focus more on life and less on work; I had allowed work to take over my life for many years so these were habits that had existed for a very long time.


I can honestly say I have completely revolutionised my approach, way of thinking and prioritisation of all aspects of my life. I am much healthier, I’m doing much more exercise and I’m genuinely living a very different, much happier life. Although I was a little nervous about falling back into my old habits on finishing the program, Harriet gave me so many tools to ensure this didn’t happen. Six weeks on, all the good stuff remains. Harriet is so easy to talk to, completely non-judgmental and her advice and coaching is underpinned by practical exercises and tools that are very easy to work into your life. If you’re thinking about signing up for some sessions, please go for it, I promise you won’t regret it, in fact I can almost guarantee that you’ll be very pleased that you did.

owner of Mimosa, the award winning beauty salon

I worked with Harriet for nine months in 2015. I needed someone who would hold me accountable for making changes, and Harriet was the perfect person. Not only did she help me come up with realistic goals, she also helped me tap into how I felt mentally and emotionally. Doing her life balance exercise was brilliant. Initially I thought I had everything sorted with a great business and life in general, but doing the exercise made me realise that I had no balance whatsoever! I didn’t realise how much things could improve over such a short period. Harriet helped me find balance and also gave me practical, simple and effective strategies to move forward, that actually worked and that I still use today.


I reached out to Harriet in a moment of extreme confusion and mixed feelings. Everything was supposed to go right in my life (I was engaged to a great guy, moved in with him, I had plenty of freelance work, just finished writing my book etc.) and yet everything seemed to be falling apart. Harriet helped me gain clarity and offered me a strong shoulder to rely on.


What I love about Harriet is that she is knowledgeable, astute and experienced, and yet she is also a friendly presence with whom I feel comfortable to open up to about anything. She helps me make sense of my feelings, suggests the best resources, motivates me to push on and is delicate at the same time. Harriet has also been through many kinds of experiences in life and the fact that I could relate to her on so many levels was instrumental to improving my situation.


She always allows me to explore my feelings and goals without judgment and pressure, letting me do things at my own pace, which works best for me. Since we started working together, my emotional wellbeing has improved tenfold and I’ve recommended Harriet to a couple of friends already.

adventure coach

When I started my program, I was burnt out, living off microwave meals, and feeling like I was freaking out. I committed to change and to getting support and guidance. Working with Harriet has been absolutely amazing. I feel that every area of my life has been transformed, the outcome is huge. Alongside massive improvements in my health, I have also noticed how I manage my thoughts so much better. I think and feel before reacting to negative thought patterns. This means that I now have a much better relationship with myself and other people. I don’t have feelings of severe anxiety anymore, and because of that I treat my body much better.


I am so much kinder to myself, more in tune, and have a better connection with myself. I am so much happier, so much more positive, and really motivated, I can’t wait to get up every day! My skin is much healthier and I am so much happier with how it looks and feels. I am really enjoying my food, too. I plan and look forward to it. My choices when shopping have really improved, and my energy levels are way better too. 


Your programme is very well structured. I didn’t think the transformation would be this big but working with you has given me so many tools I can use over and over for life. The program has been excellent value. Thank you so much!

nanny, London

I love Harriet! I reached out for her help a few months ago after a long struggle with an illness that took over all aspects of my life. Harriet is brilliant. She guides you to find the answers to the questions that you have lost along the way, and with that provides the techniques and support to make permanent changes. Harriet is warm, open, supportive, calm and non-judgmental, with a major glow surrounding her. By having these qualities supporting me, I have seen both major and mini changes in my life. I look forward to what comes next. Thank you!

Julie’s journey to fabulousness


My client Julie Whittaker is documenting her 6 month coaching program with me in a series of monthly blog posts. Julie and I met when she attended my first workshop for ClubSoda all about Falling in Love With a More Sober Life.I’m more than 15 years in recovery from addictions.



Speaker Trainer and Talent Scout

As a business owner, the most powerful gift you can give to yourself is investing your money into Harriet’s coaching. We started working together because I was burnt out, stressed, ungrounded and not able to actually enjoy the successes I achieved as I was constantly trapped in the need for more. More work. More meetings. More speaking at events. More of everything, which totally depleted my ability to see things clearly, be creative and make the right decisions. I would work 7 days a week and would be on 24/7.


I am a stubborn ‘goat’ and Harriet’s ability to be patient with me was really powerful; she also focused on my success to switch off and enjoy my life instead of the depleting hustle, and this was the best thing I could have ever gone through.


Her coaching is focused on the feminine way of doing things and I now work four days a week, switch off at 6pm and am about to go on my second holiday in three months. Harriet has a powerful ability to switch you from stuck to happiness in a super short amount of time. Highly HIGHLY recommended.


As a coach myself I believe you can never stop learning and evolving – you are never done with working on yourself. I have used many personal development tools and programs over the years and I believe the One of Many™ tools are the best I’ve ever known.


Working with Harriet was incredible; her kindness, her gentle, yet challenging observations and suggestions allowed me to take a further step to clarity in my life and in my personal relationships, and towards a deeper understanding and contentment with who I am and where I am heading in life.


Whether this is your first foray in to coaching, or you have undertaken this kind of work on yourself before, the time you invest with Harriet will change your life, and in turn, the lives of those around you.